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T he ability to read and react is a vital on-ice skill for any hockey player. So is having a knack for being in the right place at the right time. One group of pond hockey players used those skills away from the ice to help thwart a would-be car jacking. T h e e n c o u n t e r h a p p e n e d o n e year ag o, but the memories of that fate- f u l d a y r e m a i n a s s h a r p a s t h e s e g o o d Samaritan's skates. After a long three-day weekend competing in the 2017 Labatt Blue/USA Pond Hockey National Championships in Eagle River, Wis., Kevin Weber, Jordan Lemanski and Brent Theisen packed up their gear and began the three-hour trip back home to Madison. On the outskirts of Madison, they turned off the interstate onto a local road and saw a man run across the road and in front of an oncoming car while waving his arms before jumping in the passenger side. As the men approached the vehicle they could hear the 23-year-old female driver yelling for help. "All of a sudden, he's hitting her in the head and trying to push her out the door," Weber said. With no time to consider their own safety, Weber swerved his car in the path of the woman's car to block its path. In a desper- ate attempt to flee, the carjacking suspect stepped on the gas and plowed into Weber's vehicle. Theisen's front passenger side door was obstructed, but Lemanski and Weber were able to jump out of the car and pull the suspect from the vehicle. All three tumbled into the ditch as Thiesen finally freed himself from his vehicle. "By the time I got there those guys were already giving him the business," Theisen said. Weber thought the carjacker, 24-year-old Andre Nash from Milwaukee, was under some type of influence because he wouldn't back down as three guys were "pounding on him." A Wisconsin state trooper eventually arrived on the scene and after a struggle was able to apprehend Nash. Later, the three learned that Nash had previously led officers on a high-speed chase out from Milwaukee – which is about 80 miles from Madison — before crashing his car not far from where the attempted carjacking took place. 38 // APRIL/MAY 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM PHOTOS BY Tim Gaffney Pond Hockey Heroes In The Right Place At The Right Time To Thwart Would-Be Car Jacking READ, REACT & RESCUE By Greg Bates

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