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PHOTOS COURTESY OF Notre Dame University; USA Hockey OBJECTIVE: This drill focuses on several skills, including reading plays, passing, lateral skating and edge work. SET UP: Place an object (like a foam rink divider) horizontally between the faceoff circles in the slot. One goaltender is the passer, one is the forechecker (no stick) and the third is the goalie. The coach lines up inside one faceoff circle and passes a puck on either side of the divider to a goaltender standing inside the other faceoff circle. When the coach says "go" and the forechecker tries to intercept the pass with his or her skates or tags the passing goalie's glove hand before he or she can make a return pass. The coach shoots immediately and passer can play the rebound on the fourth repetition to add another element of fun. Rotate positions in the drill after four repetitions. OBJECTIVES: 1. The goalie in the net must stay on his or her feet prior to the shot. 2. Passing goaltender can use both his or her forehand and backhand depending on pressure, and under handle the puck as much as possible and make flat passes to the coach 3. The forechecking goalie should maintain his or her edges and race tag the passer's glove hand or intercept the pass with his or her feet without sliding. VARIATIONS: Change the location of the drill, and vary the depth and angle of the goaltender in the crease. k USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program has added an online module that covers the basics in goaltending coaching and development. "51 in 30" is the battle cry behind the new USA Hockey goaltending initiative with the goal of having 51 percent of NHL and National Women's Hockey League goaltenders be American born by 2030. 51 IN 30 GOALIE PROFILES SUBHEAD k The sophomore goaltender from Larkspur, Colo., has been a big reason why the Fighting Irish made it to the title game of the Frozen Four this season. Morris has burst onto the scene with an impressive sophomore season in which he led the country with a .946 save percentage, while his 24 victories, the second-most in school history, and 1,089 saves are also the top totals in the country. He also recorded four shutouts. He was the recipient of the Mike Richter Award, which is given annually to the top goaltender in college hockey. We are continuously studying what other federations are doing to develop their goal- tenders, and we try to immediately implement aspects that we believe will help our cause. With everything we do, we strive to be world leading, so as we borrow, we always try to improve. And once we think something is good, we try to make it great." CALE MORRIS University of Notre Dame The Skill Burrito MELTING POT APPROACH TO GOALIE EDUCATION B ET W E E N T H E P I P ES GOALIE DRILL OF THE MONTH ONLINE MODULE FOR GOALIE COACHES APRIL/MAY 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM // 15 BIG TEN CONFERENCE –PHIL OSAER ADM Manager, Goaltending WEBINAR This new information is designed to create consistency in both the verbiage and proper techniques needed to help all goalies develop. Goaltenders and goaltender parents would high- ly benefit from this module as well. Completing the module is mandatory prior to entering the Goaltending Coach Program. The module is now available at and the cost is $10.

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