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MARCH 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM // 7 R obbie Stucker has a bright future. The 6-foot-4 defenseman from Minnesota realized a dream last spring when the Columbus Blue Jackets selected him in the 2017 NHL Draft. Playing for the Chicago Steel in the USHL alongside several other NHL draftees, Robbie is excited to head to the University of Minnesota next season. "It's been so cool to have these expe- riences and to be on the ice with better players," he said. "The pace just keeps get- ting faster and I'm having a great time and working hard to keep improving." Prior to this season, Robbie spent four years at St. Thomas Academy, honing his off-ice training with The Hockey IntelliGym, a software-based cognitive trainer designed to improve a player's hockey sense, including on-ice vision and decision making. Adopted by the USA Hockey National Team Development Program in 2009, and in use by tens of thousands of youth play- ers, The Hockey IntelliGym has proven to provide the needed edge in competition. "I felt the IntelliGym really provided me with an up-top view of things," Stucker said. "In particular it helped me see opportunities to move the puck off the boards. Previously I had a tendency to force passes. "As a result of the training, I got better at seeing developing opportunities to exploit. I also found the program helped me with my positioning without the puck." He credits The Hockey IntelliGym for helping him adjust to faster play against bigger and stronger players. "IntelliGym provides perspective. That 'overhead view' allows you to see the ice differently, which is incredibly helpful," he said. For more information on the science and research behind the leading software- based hockey sense cognitive trainer, visit The Hockey IntelliGym Continues To Improve Off-Ice Training By JACKSON WIGHTMAN "The IntelliGym really provided me with an up-top view of things. In particular it helped me see opportunities to move the puck off the boards." The Hockey Intelligym has helped Robbie Stucker take his game to the next level as he prepares to play college hockey at the University of Minnesota. A D V E R T O R I A L

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