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MARCH 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM // 29 great baseball player at BC, and at age 27 he was diagnosed with ALS. I just told him that he inspires me every day. He was basically given a death sentence and he's dealt with it through all the work that he's done. He was the guy behind the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised so much money for ALS re- search. I just told him that I look up to him and he has inspired me to keep going. ••••••••• Brian O'Neill | Yardley, Pa. I actually called Ray Giroux, a former team- mate at Yale. He was a defenseman who also played in Russia. I was going through a stressful first couple of years as a pro and was thinking about pursuing a different career path. He was in a similar position when he was my age and he gave me some really good advice. I wouldn't have made my NHL debut and would never have played in Europe and I definitely wouldn't be on the Olympic team if Ray wasn't there to help me make some important decisions. He's a big reason why I'm here. ••••••••• Chad Kolarik | Abington, Pa. I made the phone call to Jerry Domish. He was hard on me when I was younger but he made me into the player and person I am today. He also helped my family out by getting my mom a job within the Valley Forge Minutemen organization. It made it easier on us to afford the ice times and be able to get rides and things like that. So I called him to thank him and he was very appreciative of the call. He wanted to see if when Ryan and I were back in town if we could all get together once everything is over and settles down. ••••••••• Bobby Butler Marlborough, Mass. I called my trainer back home, Jeff Oliver. I've known him since I started to work out when I was 12 years old. He was a big part of where I am today, maybe not so much from the hockey side but because he taught me what it would take to become an athlete. I don't know if he ever watched me play hockey but he knew that it wouldn't be just skill that would get me to the next level. It would be what I did off the ice. He kind of taught me what it would take by instilling in me good habits, such as sleep and nutrition. He was a big part of me playing in college and then playing in the pros. He's a big part of where I'm at today. I also called my coach at the University of New Hampshire, Dick Umile. He's retiring after this year so I called to thank him for turning me from a boy into a man and helping me become a pro hockey player. ••••••••• Broc Little | Phoenix I called Bill Troy. He's an assistant coach at Cushing Academy, where I went to prep school. I came in there as probably the smallest guy on campus and had to work my way up to the varsity team. He's a guy that supported me along the way and has sup- ported me since then. I just wanted to thank him for all that he did for me. He's still there to this day and I'm sure he's still molding kids. It was a cool conversation. ••••••••• Mark Arcobello | Milford, Conn. I called my first American Hockey League coach, Todd Nelson who is with the Grand Rapids Griffins now. He was in Oklahoma City when I first started out. I told him that he gave me an opportunity in certain situa- tions and playing with certain players that I probably didn't deserve at the time. He put me on the ice a lot and he trusted in me at a time when I probably didn't deserve it. I was opportunistic and was able to take advantage of that first introduction to pro hockey. ••••••••• Brian Gionta | Rochester, N.Y. I called my old Junior coach, Chris Hicks. He's a such a great guy and a great mentor for me. He was very impressionable on me about doing things the right way. He set the path to my pro career and really made it what it is. I'm extremely grateful to have had him in my life. ••••••••• Troy Terry | Highland Ranch, Colo. I grew up playing in a local roller hockey tournament and started getting a little more serious but didn't really know where to go with it. For whatever reason Dave Fromm liked me and he asked me to play for his top level roller hockey team. Later, he started working with me and eventually I started with ice hockey. He's kind of just been by

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