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March 2018

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M A R C H 2 0 1 8 | M H J ON L I N E . C O M 11 HOCKEY SHOT TIP OF THE MONTH "Stopping is more of a state of mind than it is a physical activity," says HockeyShot Skating Sensei, Jim Vitale. "Players who have trouble stopping, panic when they feel the ice pushing against them. This can send you into a panic with the brain not recognizing what is occurring, but you can learn to master the ice by learning how to stop properly." "Getting low as you stop is the most important first step because it allows you to gain control of the natural forces surrounding you. Dropping your weight makes your blades sink into the ice, it's the pressure you need to counter-balance the force of the ice pushing against your feet." When Vitale is coaching youth how to properly stop, he gets them to stop and then to swivel to maintain proper bal- ance. He says, "Pivoting is a great way to train your balance to know how to stop on the ice, and the trick is to do both at the same time." Vitale stress- es the importance of not getting discouraged, because most skaters will not be good at both ways, at least initially. For more "Hockey Mind" articles, visit HockeyShot.com. Skating Stops A D V E R TO R I A L | by HockeyShot Skating Sensei Jim Vitale

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