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JANUARY 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM // 27 2018 HOT PRODUCTS 1. GODORS Tired of living with that hockey smell? Get rid of it. Godors is a spray that actually elimi- nates the odor, not just masks it. Developed by a hockey mom, Godors is a concentrated spray containing 20 percent alcohol, a natural antifungal mixture and a fun bubble gum scent. GODORS.COM 4. HOCKEYSHOT SYNTHETIC ICE REVOLUTION TILES A revolutionary skating experience is here. Best of all it's totally customizable for your indoor or outdoor space at home. Presenting the most innovative hockey tile ever made: HockeyShot's Synthetic Ice—Revolution Tiles. The smaller, lightweight, flexible synthetic ice design means you can throw down and pick up your artificial ice surface anywhere. HOCKEYSHOT.COM 2. KRAMPADE Tired of promises of "solutions" for cramps that don't work? Want a product that enhances performance, recovery and prevents cramps? Join the Krampade revolution. Krampade provides key electrolytes that replenish those lost during practices, workouts and games to enhance recovery, performance and prevent cramp formation. "What's in your bottle?" KRAMPADE.COM 5. WISSOTA Wissota offers the average hockey parent a true professional-grade home sharpening solution. Our affordable and easy to use machines provide un-beatable sharpening results, which is key to on-ice performance. 100 percent American made. WISSOTA.COM 3. TAG UP Even though our name implies Tags, we do so much more than that. From awards, dry erase boards, helmet decals, lanyards, credentials, rink passes, locker nameplates, signs, stainless mug engraving and more. All orders are 100 percent personalized to what you want and a quick turnaround. TAG-UP.COM 6. SUMMERSKATES ULTIMATE "END OF SEASON" GIFT. SummerSkates Custom Team Sandals are the ultimate team gift combining real hockey laces and real jersey twill team logos. Washable & air dry, these are all terrain use while keeping your skating feet fresh. Now your kids can literally "walk the talk" everyday, anywhere off the ice. More than 1,250 custom team orders. SUMMERSKATES.COM START THE NEW YEAR PRODUCTS AND GEAR. 3 6 2 1 4 5

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