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JANUARY 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM // 19 NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who has held up Snider Hockey as a gold standard, knew that this is what Snider wanted to be remembered for, even more than his team's back-to-back Stanley Cups in the mid 1970s. "Ed was enormously proud of the Snider Youth Hockey Foundation," Bettman said. "He told me on a number of occasions that starting Snider Hockey may have been the best thing he ever had done—in a lifetime of achievements." For all his efforts supporting hockey on so many levels, the charismatic owner was inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame in 2011. A Team Player Gil Schaffer, who interned with the foundation in 2011 and is now a full-time staff member, remembers his first interaction with Snider while working an informational table at a Flyers game. "All of a sudden I look down the hallway and see Mr. Snider walking," Schaffer recalled. "We were off to the side when he saw us. He broke away from the people he was with, and walked directly to our table." A f t e r i n t r o d u c t i o n s w e r e m a d e , Schaffer still recalls the last thing Snider said before walking away. "He said 'thank you so much for doing what you do. I really appreciate you,'" Schaffer said. "It was so powerful for me, the fact that he would walk over to an intern and personally take the time out of his day to shake my hand, learn my name and thank me without knowing anything about me, stuck with me." Tharp also shared his experiences work- ing closely with Snider. "From day one, Ed was the type of guy who never made you feel like you were working for him, but you were working with him," he said. "He had an energy about him that is unparalleled, and I learned so much from just being able to hang around him and pick his brain." A Legacy Of Learning It's been almost two years since his passing, but the specter of Ed Snider's generosity and caring for the people of his adopted city still looms large. The foundation remains in good hands with a team that remains dedicated to keeping his dream alive. Success is not measured in the number of young boys and girls who proudly wear the bright orange jerseys on the ice at one of the rinks that Snider saved from the wrecking ball. Rather, success comes from the number of kids who have used their time in the game as a springboard to achieve greater goals. And those who knew him best would say that it's those accomplishments that would make Ed Snider most proud. "The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation has made a remarkable contribution to the city of Philadelphia by saving neighborhood rinks from demolition, winterizing them so they could be used year-round, adding classrooms and providing a place for young athletes to play—and to learn," Bettman said. "The emphasis on scholarship, as well as ath- letic skill, has improved the city's graduation rate while also reinforcing the important life lessons hockey teaches: teamwork, hard work, discipline and commitment of the individual to the success of the group. "Ed knew that while not everyone who loves hockey and plays hockey will make it to the National Hockey League, the life lessons learned from hockey will carry every player forward." P 2018 SUMMER GCHOCKEY.COM REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! FULL DAY HALF DAY WEEKLY HOCKEY SCHOOL E U R O P E A N "Ed Snider has been able to reach so many kids and families, obviously lasting beyond his lifetime. The impact of having the kids just come to our games goes beyond that," she said. Acting as role models for these girls and setting good examples both on and off the ice is something the Lamoureux twins and the rest of the team have aimed to accomplish. "This is something we're proud to do, and we're both proud of our team and the part- nership we created with Snider," Lamoureux- Morando said. "It's had a snowball effect with our team chipping in. It's gotten much bigger than just the two of us trying to help out." –Jason Kates U.S. OLYMPIANS JOCELYNE AND MONIQUE LAMOUREUX HAVE LENT THEIR SUPPORT TO THE YOUNG GIRLS INVOLVED IN SNIDER HOCKEY.

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