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November 2017

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HOT PRODUCTS 42 // NOVEMBER 2017 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM Godors Why live with that hockey smell? Godors is a spray that actual- ly eliminates the odor, not just mask it. Godors was developed by a hockey mom who found mixing concentrated spray con- taining 20 percent alcohol, a natural antifungal mixture and a fun bubble gum scent actually worked. GODORS.COM Gladiator HP Lite Custom Mouthguard It's 30 percent thinner than the standard mouthguard and made for ice hockey athletes. This ultra thin Gladiator takes our patented comfort design and provides the highest level of comfort possible. With a special build up under the molar surface, the HP Lite, while thin, is still designed to absorb the shock from hard hits on the rink. GLADIATORGUARDS.COM Sure Shot Hockey Perfect your shot. Why spend time shooting at an empty net? If you're going to shoot 50 to 100 pucks per day, why not pro- vide the most realistic three-dimensional visual perspective. Totally free standing. Can be moved out from net just like a real goalie to cut down the angle. SURESHOTHOCKEY.US Tag Up At Tag Up, we know that hosting a hockey tournament can be a tiring, endless job. We want to help ease the stress someā€¦. Personalized, custom bag tags are the perfect product for your swag bag. We offer a quick turnaround and even throw in a FREE Welcome Banner and Bracket Sheet. TAG-UP.COM Krampade Join the Krampade revolution. An excellent source of elec- trolytes proven to enhance recovery, hydration and prevent cramp formation. Switch to the official performance drink of the North American Hockey League. We ask you, is your equipment stuck in the 1980's? No, so why is your sport drink? "What's in your bottle?" KRAMPADE.COM Wissota A proper skate sharpening is key to on-ice performance, so take control of your results with a Wissota Skate Sharpener. Since 1946, our affordable and easy-to-use machines have provided the average hockey parent a true professional-grade sharpening right from home. 100 percent American made. WISSOTA.COM Godors Sure Shot Wissota Krampade Gladiator Custom Mouthguards Tag Up

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