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20 // NOVEMBER 2017 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM PHOTOS BY Getty Images; PHOTOS COURTESY Minneapolis Star Tribune Mentor Read Drill GOALIE DRILL OF THE MONTH B ET W E E N T H E P I P ES DRILL DESCRIPTION: 1. The pucks start with players X1 and X2 at the top of the circle. 2. The goalie sets up on the corner of the crease, near X1. 3. X1 passes the puck to X2, then X1 slides down toward the back door. 4. X2 can either shoot or pass the puck back to X1 breaking to the net. KEY POINTS 1. Make a strong push on the initial pass. 2. Set your feet and maintain squareness to the shooter. 3. Make a good read on the play while maintaining good depth. 4. Make a strong recovery to be ready for potential rebounds. Between the Pipes is a new department by goalies, for goalies. Send us your feedback along with your suggestions about what issues and topics from inside the Goalie World you'd like to see us talk about. Lateral Standing Movement Goaltenders need to develop their ability to beat plays on their feet. That means when an opposing player passes the puck to a teammate, goaltenders need to push using either a shuffle step or a T-push and be square to the puck at base depth on their feet before the player can shoot. Goalies, remember to always lead every movement with your head, stick and gloves. Stay square to the shooter, like Jonathan Quick of the LA Kings, by using a shuffle step or a T-push. GOALIE SKILL OF THE MONTH 51 in 30 GOALIE PROFILES "51 in 30" is the battle cry behind the new USA Hockey goaltending initiative where the goal is to have 51 percent of NHL and National Women's Hockey League goaltenders be American-born by 2030. Here is a goaltender with a bright future ahead of her. k Another in a long line of talented netminders to come out of Eden Prairie, Minn., Alexa has elite fundamentals, an amazing work ethic and a fantastic atti- tude. After standing out at this summer's Dave Peterson Goaltending Camp, this Colgate University commit heads into her senior season with high hopes of winning a Minnesota High School championship. GIRLS HOCKEY ALEXA DOBCHUCK Eden Prairie, Minn. X3 X1 X2

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