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BONUS CONTENT Digital Edition "WORK HARD. COMPETE. STRIVE TO BE BETTER PEOPLE THAN ATHLETES." –TO D D A N D K I M K R YG I E R what it's like," said Cole Krygier, who played in 37 games with the Stars last season. "Any advice he gives, we'll take it and use it to the best of our abilities, because obviously, he understands from a playing standpoint and a coaching standpoint. "He just wants us to go out and play and not focus so much on who's watching or what's happening. Just go out, play and have fun. If you're not having fun, it's probably not going to end up too well for you." That mindset should serve them well heading into their draft year. "Obviously, this is a big year for us and it's hard not to think about it, but if you stay focused, keep things simple and go on with your everyday life, it will make it a little easier to have a better year," Cole Krygier said. The Krygier twins understand that having a father who played in the NHL comes with no guarantees for their own playing careers. It might open a door here or there, but they still have to perform on the ice to advance their careers. Chris Hartsburg, who coached the twins in Lincoln last season before moving on to Erie of the Ontario Hockey League, can relate to their situation. His father, Craig, enjoyed successful playing and coaching careers in the NHL. "Todd played at the highest level for a long time, and he's taught his sons how a locker room runs and that they're not going to be given ice time or responsibility. They know they have to earn it," Hartsburg said. "Todd's let them kind of wade their way through this and create their own path, which is great. He's always there to help them. But, as a kid who had a father who played in the NHL, I know you don't want your dad to constantly tell you what to do. "I loved their confidence. Even as 16-year-olds in the USHL, they were confident enough to try different things instead of always making the same play. And they made a lot of progress throughout the year because of it." That progress continued this summer with the Hlinka Tournament in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Americans finished fifth in the eight-team tournament that attracted scouts from all 31 NHL teams. "It's a huge tournament to kick-start the year, and it was an unbeliev- able experience to see how you stack up against the top-end guys from around the world," Christian Krygier said. "Obviously, we didn't get the result we wanted, but I think a lot of guys proved themselves to the people sitting in the stands." P OCTOBER 2017 2017-18 NHL Preview 43 TODD KRYGIER

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