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T his is all wrong!" The President of the United States was not happy—and he was staring right at me. It was June 27, 2005, and I was in the White House family theater with George W. Bush, as he practiced the nationally televised Address to the Nation that he would deliver from Fort Bragg, N.C., the next night. This was my first time as the lead writer on a prime time presidential address—and now I was in the command- er in chief 's crosshairs. Not good. The day before in the Oval Office, the president had been happy with the text. But now, as he read it aloud for the first time, he was decidedly unhappy with a speech he would have to give in less than 24 hours. W H I T E H O U S E B Y M A R C A . T H I E S S E N H o w h o c k e y p r e p a r e d m e f o r t h e 32 // SEPTEMBER 2017 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM PHOTO BY Official White House Photo; Catherine Bogart "

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