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September 2017

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S THOUSANDS OF HOCKEY PLAY- ERS RETURN TO THE CLASSROOM, it is important that student-athletes create a game plan for success. Moving from a summer of hockey camps, vacations and part-time jobs to a schedule that includes school, homework, practice, travel and games, requires a plan that enables each indi- vidual to make the grade off the ice in order to be suc- cessful on the ice. Establishing Goals First and foremost, set academic goals. Determine what you want to achieve this year: What is your target GPA? What do you need to do to be successful in each class? What are your long-term goals for high school? For col- lege? Setting goals keeps you on track and working with a purpose. Goals can change, but it is essential to estab- lish them as they provide focus and motivation. Time Management Once you have established your goals, developing excellent time-management skills is equally important. Whether you use the planner on your phone or the planner that is given to you at school, it is important to create a daily/weekly/monthly plan and stick to it. Decide now, before you become overwhelmed, how you can best use your time. Is it possible to spend 30 minutes at lunch to complete your math problems? Are you able to spend an hour immediately following your last class to complete homework for two classes? Can you use the time in the car while your parents drive you to practice to read for literature class? Definitely do not leave your schoolwork until you get home at night as you will be tired after a long day. A C T JUST AS A GAME PLAN CAN LEAD TO ON-ICE SUCCESS, SO TOO CAN IT HELP A STUDENT-ATHLETE REACH HIS OR HER GOALS IN THE CLASSROOM. B A L A N C I N G A The Right Game Plan Can Help You Make The Grade On And Off The Ice By Lisa Vollmers 24 // SEPTEMBER 2017 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM PHOTO BY ACKERMAN + GRUBER

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