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30 PHOTOS COURTESY OF The Food Network; Brett Borelli N.J. Youth Hockey Player Proves That He Can Also Stand The Heat In The Kitchen By ROMAN J. USCHAK OCTOBER. 2015 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM C h e f S ome hockey players excel at dishing out pucks. New Jersey Wild left wing Gibson Borelli is quickly becoming a master of dishing out extraordinary meals. He's already won a national televised cooking competition—and he's just barely a teenager. "Some kids get up in the morning and turn on SportsCenter. Gibson turns on Food Network," says his father, Brett Borelli. "Guy Fieri is Gibson's Wayne Gretzky." The 13-year-old aspiring chef actually got his start in the kitchen partly out of necessity, rather than in pursuit of culinary glory. "My folks didn't really cook, and I wanted something homemade," Gibson recalls. "I started with chocolate chip cookies, and continued to full meals, to multiple courses, to full days of cooking." And that was just fine by mom. "When Gibson expressed interest in cook- ing, I thought, 'Why not give it a try?'" says his mother, Alison Borelli. "He would print out recipes and ask me to take him to the supermarket to buy the ingredients." Now he gets his own groceries — with the help of mom's credit card, of course. His forte is making delicious chicken dish- es. Although he likes desserts, they're some- times harder to navigate than a congested neutral zone. "I'm so much better at meals," Gibson admits. "Desserts are challenging. You have to be very precise." However, he did bring cookies to the rink one day, and tried them out on his teammates. Surpr se

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