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2 | MAHOCKEY.ORG ALLEN AND BARBARA WRIGHT I t is an honor as one of my first official acts as President of Massachusetts Hockey to dedicate this 2015-2016 Annual Guide to Allen and Barbara Wright. The Wright's service to Massachusetts Hockey, USA Hockey, our members and the children and families of the Commonwealth is long and distinguished. We honor their service with this dedication for their work on our Annual Guide through the years. Since 1999, Al Wright has been the Chair of the Rules Committee and has been responsible for the preparation and production of Massa- chusetts Hockey's Annual Guide. Anyone who is familiar with our Annual Guide knows that this is a major undertaking. Beginning in April of every year, Al has solicited and received proposals for legislative changes to our By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. After sorting through the proposals and speaking with individuals to try to make sense of each author's intent, Al would prepare everything for the review of the Rules Committee. Typically, the process then requires additional re-writes and massaging of language to reach the ultimate goal, a rule proposal that would ultimately help make Massachusetts Hockey a better place for the youth hockey community. After the voting concluded at the Annual Meeting, Al would take all of the new rules and bylaws and combine them with the existing language and produce the guide that we all would rely on for the upcoming season. At the same time, he would be chasing down committee lists, updated contact info for board members, and sell advertising in an attempt to keep the production costs as low as possible. Even in years with few proposals, this is a challenging process for a volunteer. This year there are approximate- ly thirty proposals, many lengthy and substan- tive, and yet Al has pulled it off with his usual hard work and grace. This is the last Annual Guide Al will be responsible for as he is retiring as Chair of the Rules Committee. Barbara has earlier retired as District 6 Associate Registrar. It is bittersweet to be writing this dedication, as volunteers like Allen and Barbara do not come around very often and their tireless efforts will be missed. Massachusetts Hockey will continue to be a leader throughout the country as an advocate for providing a great youth hockey experience, but we could not have gotten to where we are today without the Wright's commitment to leading us for so many years. Allen and Barbara, thank you for everything you have done. John L. Tobin President, Massachusetts Hockey

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