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BERTELLI'S SKATE SHOP (413) 736-0633 HOCKEY1/SOUTH WINDSOR ARENA (800) 462-5391 HOCKEY GIANT (800) 633-5999 HOCKEY SERVICES (800) 559-7825 PROSTOCK HOCKEY (877) 654-5919 PURE HOCKEY (877) 875-2837 TOTAL HOCKEY (866) 929-6699 40 OCTOBER. 2014 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM Tape Twine to Just like a knight is nothing without his trusty sword, a hockey player without his stick is rendered useless. It's a third limb that allows players to dazzle with dekes, dipsy-doodle around a defender and tuck one where granny keeps the peanut butter. Arm yourself this season with the help of these fine brands and retailers. 2014 Stick Guide BAUER SUPREME TOTALONE MX3 Built for power, the Supreme TOTALONE MX3 stick is designed to maximize every ounce of energy into full motion shots. BAUER.COM EASTON SYNERGY HTX The Synergy HTX from Easton Hockey offers revolu- tionary technology and incredible performance that will change your game. This is the first stick with hypertune technology. Matching the blade stiffness with shaft flex allows players to be more efficient when shooting and generate more power. The Synergy HTX also features our hypertoe blade construction, ensuring that the toe of the blade stays stiffer when shooting increase accuracy and power. EASTONHOCKEY.COM REEBOK/CCM CCM RIBCOR 40K The breakout stick of 2013 has been traded from Reebok to CCM, taking performance and durability to another level. Featuring the revolutionary Ribcor Geometry that puts the carbon fibers in tension for one of the most overwhelming releases in hockey. The new Ribcor 40K also features the SXX2 blade with an optimized stiff- ness profile to help keep the blade square to the target and the TECHNORA reinforcements in the shaft for unprecedented durability and long-lasting performance. CCMHOCKEY.COM REEBOKHOCKEY.COM SHER-WOOD T120 The T120 is all about strength and power. It's flexing profile offers more give in the middle of the shaft, allow- ing for more energy and more velocity to be transferred into your shots. Manufactured with our revolutionary handmade process, the T120 weighs an incredible 395 grams and is one of the lightest and most responsive sticks on the market. SHER-WOODHOCKEY.CA 1 2 3 4 3 HERE BUY Get your new sticks at these knowledgeable, friendly locations. 4 2 1

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