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30 I magine you are president of your hockey association. The season is in full swing. The association is running well and life seems good. It is board meeting night and your treasurer, Bill, calls to inform you that he has personal business and cannot attend. This is the third meeting in a row that Bill has missed. However, he will e-mail the financial reports to the board. Although you are a bit concerned over his continued absence, Bill is such a nice guy and his daughter is the goalie on your kid's team. You don't give it a second thought. A week later, the rink manager calls. He is wondering where payment is for the last two month's of ice rental. Bill tells you that he sent both payments and he will check to see what is going on. A few days go by and you get a call from the pro shop. They are still waiting for payment on the jerseys. Your call to Bill goes unanswered. You leave a message. His daughter misses the game on Saturday. You decide to stop by his house to make sure everything is OK. When you arrive, Bill's house looks vacant. A neighbor tells you that Bill and his family moved out on Wednesday after the bank foreclosed. A sick feeling hits your stomach. But, you think, "Bill is such a nice guy." On Monday when the bank opens, you stop by to check on the association account. The big balance that you had to pay for the season is overdrawn and checks are bouncing. Suddenly, life doesn't seem so good. All that is left to do is call the police and report it. When the detective asks you to describe Bill, the first thing that enters your mind is, "He is such a nice guy." Many hockey associations operate with substantial bank balances. Sometimes the temptation is too great for our most trusted colleagues. It is up to us to protect the assets of our hockey associations by putting procedures in place to help minimize the risk. Although this may seem like you distrust PHOTOS BY Xxxxxxxxxxx OCTOBER. 2014 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM DOLLARS $ENSE Protecting Your Association's Assets Is Always The Smart Money By KELLY GROVER | Illustrations by DARREN GYGI AND

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