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January 2014

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WINNING Products New Gear INTEGRAL HOCKEY FOR THE NEW YEAR What better resolution to top your New Year's list than improving on the game you've grown to love? These hockey accessories are here to do just that, helping players on and off the ice. iStick and Stick Repair We've all been there before: broken blade or broken shaft, meaning the need for a new, expensive stick. But Integral Hockey offers a different solution with shaft and blade repair so you don't have to toss out your favorite twig. If new is still what you want, their very own i-Stick is the way to go, now complete with a FREE extended warranty. Not only that, Integral Hockey lets you get involved with the franchise. HOCKEYSHOT.COM HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro Introducing the NEW HockeyShot Extreme Passer pro, the best hockey rebounder on the market today. This new and improved design is dual sided, features spikes to put on the ice and has a 37" receiving front end. This is a great tool to practice your passes and one-timers. Made with quality plastic and an indestructible bungee cord, this product will not disappoint. Train your game. ABOUT TIME NUTRITION PUCK PASSER PRO Passing Kit Healthy Supplements The Puck Passer Pro, a hockey passing machine, is the first easily-portable passing machine that can be used on-ice and off-ice. Hockey players can finally practice game-time skills alone. Adjust the speed and interval of passes to practice shooting one-timers, receiving passes and stick-handling with quick-release shots. It is the training partner we have all been looking for. Get an edge on the competition and train with the Puck Passer Pro. About Time stands alone as a line of high-quality protein supplement products that is 100 percent natural whey protein isolate, zero carb, zero fat, lactose and gluten free with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. About Time is proud to have the endorsement of Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik. While the preferred protein supplement of many elite athletes, About Time is also the ideal protein supplement for families. For the family on the go, they offer protein powders that make great shakes and smoothies to meal replacement bars, which are healthy snack alternatives. USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM JANUARY. 2014 35

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