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GAMES SLAPS SHOOTER'S FUN ZONE USA Hockey Puzzle By Larry Humber ENTER YOUR CAPTION NEXT MONTH FUNNY PHOTO WINNERS The following captions were selected from all those who sent in their Funny Photo suggestions. Become a Facebook fan of USA Hockey Magazine and look for next month's Funny Photo for a chance to win a USA Hockey prize. • So who ordered the pizza? Matthew Potrzeba Whitesboro, N.Y. • Check him from behind, you said. It will be fun, you said. Well, we're all in for a party now. Party City in the penalty box. Julie Twedt Eldora, Iowa • The Thug Life. Morgan McGinnis Swansea, Ill. Top Shelf Trivia Who is the first American goaltender to have his name etched into the Stanley Cup? ACROSS 1. Jonathan Quick and Jessie Vetter are two 4. Erik Johnson's first NHL team 7. Wayne Gretzky used to ___ in his sweater on one side (it seems his first sweaters were too big for him) 8. Those who are in the lineup every game 10. Canucks' coach John ___ was an assistant at the last Olympics 12. ___ Dame is a big football and hockey school 13. Hits hard 14. To ___ ___ a player is to offer to trade him to other teams 18. Candy sold at many arenas 19. Chesson with our women's team at the 2010 Olympics 20. Goes less than all out, ___ up 21. What the rest of the world calls the sleds used in disabled hockey DOWN 1. Shoot high, ___ ___ up 2. An ___ shooter is usually on the mark 3. Janaszak who was backup goalie with the U.S. team in Lake Placid in 1980 4. Defensemen 5. Western state that had a team in the American League until 2005 6. Olympians Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux are ___ (and also twins) 9. Joe Pavelski is with the San ___ ___ 11. Getting a goal or an assist, ___ in the scoring 12. Darwitz who captained our women's team at the last Olympics 15. Those black disks that hockey players fire 16. Faceoffs 17. Shoots the puck from one end of the rink to the other end By Mike Curti Sticklers ANSWERS: CROSSWORD | ACROSS: 1. GOALIES, 4. BLUES, 7. TUCK, 8. REGULARS, 10. TORTORELLA, 12. NOTRE, 13. NAILS, 14. SHOP AROUND, 18. LICORICE, 19. LISA, 20. EASES and 21. SLEDGES. DOWN: 1. GET IT, 2. ACCURATE, 3. STEVE, 4. BLUELINERS, 5. UTAH, 6. SISTERS, 9. JOSE SHARKS, 11. FIGURING, 12. NATALIE, 15. PUCKS, 16. DRAWS and 17. ICES. HOCKEY MATH ANSWER: Mike Modano wore No. 9 and played 21 NHL seasons. Brett Hull wore No. 16 and was in the league for 17 seasons. Pat Lafontaine wore No. 16 and spent 15 seasons in the NHL. That means Hull (16 + 17 = 33) edges out Lafontaine (16 + 15 = 31) and Modano (9 + 21 = 30). 34 FASTER THAN A SLAPSHOT!!! IT'S... DID YOU KNOW? Become a Facebook fan of USA Hockey Magazine and submit your answer to win a cool USA Hockey prize pack. While hockey players had been slapping and passing them for decades, the term "puck" was first recorded in the Feb. 7, 1876 edition of the Montreal Gazette, so the NHL regards that date as the hockey puck's birthday. APRIL/MAY 2013 ANSWER: Patrick Kane, the dynamic scoring machine of the Chicago Blackhawks, wears No. 88 in honor of his birthdate, Nov. 19, 1988. Hockey Math Add Mike Modano's uniform number to the number of years he played in the NHL. Then do the same for Brett Hull and Pat Lafontaine. Whose sum total is the highest? I AM IN AWE OF YOUR SUPER POWERS, SUPER SQUIRT. RALPHIE, GET RID OF THE MEGAPHONE. GORDON, LOSE THE CAPE AND FAN SO WE CAN GET TRYOUTS STARTED. MORE POWERFUL THAN A ZAMBONI!! NOVEMBER. 2013 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM ILLUSTRATIONS BY USA Hockey; Images on Ice; Getty Images (2)

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