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WEAPon Shoot harder, pass crisper and stickhandle your way through traffic this season with these new sticks. >>2013 Stick Buyer's GUIDE 3 WARRIOR 1 // DT1 LT The 1 new Covert DT1 LT and DT1 ST sticks feature Warrior's BestShot Construction, a breakthrough integration of the blade and shaft resulting in lightning-quick recoil and precision accuracy, all while maintaining an enhanced super low kick point. 5 DT1 ST // The DT1 LT features True1 LT Construction providing players with a lighter blade and unmatched balance – great for quick and skillful players. The DT1 ST features ST Construction and a HiFused joint that creates a more solid feel. The DT1 ST still kicks low, but does not twist open on harder shots for more powerful players. REEBOK/CCM 2 // CCM RBZ Stage 2 // Last year, CCM gave the best players in the world the revolutionary RBZ stick featuring Speed Channels for insane velocity. This year we're giving them the all-new RBZ Stage 2 featuring the new Speedblade 2 with Freak Channels for a freakishly fast shot. 3 // Reebok Ribcor // The first-ever ribbed stick with a loaded shaft for mind-blowing pop. The all-new Reebok Ribcor features carbon fibers that are permanently in tension to help increase power transfer from your hands directly to the puck. 34 2013 Stick guide 2 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM 4 BAUER 4 // Vapor APX2 The new Vapor APX2 stick is the ideal choice for a player looking for a quick and accurate release in any situation. The new Aero Sense blade technology increases shot velocity by holding the puck to the blade until the stick has fully loaded, helping the puck reach its maximum speed faster. Supreme TotalOne NXG // The Supreme T otalone NXG is a true one-piece stick featuring an amplified mid-kick point that delivers maximum power for those players that like to lean heavily into shots for powerful slap shots and one-timers. Nexus 1000 // The Nexus 1000 is a true one-piece stick featuring a Tru-mid flex profile that gives players a quick release on shots with a very natural feel. BUYHERE Get your new sticks at these knowledgeable, friendly locations. TOTAL HOCKEY (866) 929-6699 HOCKEY1/SOUTH WINDSOR ARENA (800) 462-5391 HOCKEY BOSS (855) BOSS-ICE SHER-WOOD 5 // The new Sher-Wood Rekker EK15 weighs only 385 grams and is the lightest in the industry. This new high performance stick is made of carbon fiber that is 30 percent lighter than the competition. Featuring the Ekore technology, which is a handmade manufacturing process, the EK15 requires extreme attention to detail. This process takes eight times longer, but results in a stick that is more durable and reduces defects which lead to premature breakage. Also new on this stick is the second generation of the Vibration Reduction Foam Core (VRF) blade technology. The VRF.2 blade provides players with the most responsive and vibration free blade in the industry. HOCKEY SERVICES (800) 559-7825 Sports Authority (888) 801-9164 Hockey Giant (800) 633-5999 co n t i n u e d o n pag e 3 4

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