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How Blue Can You Get? , Jimmy Buffett's "Boat Drinks," which was inspired by an eventful night in former Bruins forward Derek Sanderson's Boston bar. , When St. Louis was awarded an NHL franchise in 1967, owner Sid Saloman Jr., reached back to the city's rich musical heritage to name the team. The St. Louis Blues nickname comes from a 1914 song of the same name that was composed by legendary blues musician W.C. Handy. The song went on to inspire the Foxtrot dance craze, and was later the title of a 1958 movie about Handy's life. Over the years the Blue Note emblem worn on the Blues jersey remains one of the most recognizable in sports. Even today, the team's organist continues the tradition of playing the "St. Louis Blues" at the start of every period. TWENTY DEGREES AND THE HOCKEY GAME'S ON. NOBODY CARES; THEY ARE WAY TOO FAR GONE, SCREAMIN' 'BOAT DRINKS,' SOMETHIN' TO KEEP THEM ALL WARM." Click to Play Boat Drinks! LAUPER SHOWS HER TRUE COLORS AS A HOCKEY MOM Hey, hockey moms just want to have fun, too. Pop star Cyndi Lauper finds herself spending more time in the rink watching her son, Declyn, playing hockey. "I have to allot a certain amount of time freezing my butt off in the rink," joked the singer most known for hits "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and "True Colors." Although the family lists New York City as their home, the 15-year-old played last season on travel teams based out of Connecticut and Massachusetts. "His dream is to be a hockey player," mom told New York Magazine. "I tell him, if that's what you want to be, then learn how to skate faster than any of those *** who just know how to hit. Because the people who like to hit are not good skaters." Sounds like sound advice. RYAN SUTER was a young defenseman with the Nashville Predators when he grabbed a guitar and hit the stage at the famed Ryman Auditorium for a USA Hockey Magazine photo shoot. The Madison, Wis., native admitted that he can't play a lick on the guitar, but he sure knows how to handle a hockey stick. PHOTO BY Panthers Fans Clamor For More Cowbell MURPHY BURCH and his wife Vanessa didn't enjoy feeling like they were watching a Florida Panthers' road game when the team was at home, so they challenged their fellow fans to answer the bell. The cowbell, that is. "I thought that, 'I'm so tired of sitting in our hockey arena, watching a team I love play hockey games at home that had the atmosphere of being a road game because the other team's fans were making more noise than us,'" Burch said. So the Panthers season seat holders borrowed an idea after attending a Chicago Wolves game where the clanging of cowbells created an exciting – and noisy – atmosphere and imported it to south Florida. "We live in a place where thousands of people come for vacation, and most of them come when their hockey team is in town," he said. The "More Cowbell" craze, taken from a Saturday Night Live skit, is now all the rage at the Bank Atlantic Center as fans ring their bells in appreciation for exciting plays, goals, penalty kills, big saves, and other key moments. Now ask the Florida Panthers for whom the cowbell tolls and they'll give their fans a ringing endorsement. N John Russell OCTOBER . 2013 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM 17

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