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PLAYER PROFILE R I N K RAT S H O O T S H O M E T O W N Both Davenport, Ia. Birthday: Feb. 11, 1990 4'7 115 lbs Follow Kevin McKee at S O C I A L S I D E @McKee25 46 // DECEMBER 2019 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM Kevin McKee P O S I T I O N Forward Movie: Stepbrothers Cereal: Oatmeal Athlete: Patrick Kane Pump Up Music: EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Pizza Topping: Pepperoni and green peppers Funniest Player On The Team: Jen Lee First Job: Worked as a bagger in a grocery store First Car: A 1998 Chevrolet Blazer Dream Job: I originally wanted to be a sports agent, but now I'd have to say real estate investment Toughest Player To Play Against: Brody Roybal Nickname: McKaner I Also Played: I played a lot of wheelchair sports growing up, includ- ing basketball, lacrosse and tennis Why I Love Hockey: I love the speed, the ability to think the game and how physical it is Best Advice Ever Given: Everything happens for a reason Q U I C K H I T S H O W I C E L E B R AT E D M Y PA R A LY M P I C G O L D M E D A L A F T E R T H E 2 0 1 4 PA R A LY M P I C S "I brought it to the USA Hockey Disabled Festival. That was really cool because there were so many kids there who looked up to us." k Shirley Ryan Ability Lab/Chicago Blackhawks C L U B T E A M 88 W H Y I W E A R N O . Because of Patrick Kane. I've met him three or four times. I played with him in a charity event. Keith Hinkle, Bryan Ledgard, Wikimedia Commons F I R S T C O N C E R T Brad Paisley FAV O R I T E S U P E R H E R O Batman

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