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36 // DECEMBER 2019 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM I t's a common sight to see parents at r i n k s w a t c h i n g t h e g a m e t h r o u g h t h e i r c e l l p h o n e s a s t h e y r e c o r d Instagramable highlights of their little skaters in action. Little do they know that rink cameras and microphones are picking up more than just the action on the ice. They also capture fans in the stands cursing at refs and arguing with other fans along with players pushing and shoving as they walk off the ice. A combination of high-tech surveillance systems and a popular game-highlight web- site called LiveBarn are giving rink man- agers and owners an extra set of eyes. The aggressive behavior by both players and fans is one of the top pet peeves provided by rink managers. TC Lewis, the general manager of Houston's Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex, recalled one confrontation between a goalie and official that was described very differently by a player than what was captured on camera. "A high school goalie was giving the referee a hard time after the game," Lewis said. "He was claiming he didn't do anything wrong. His story was very believable. Then I went to the tape. He may have interpreted the sit- uation differently. He was a really good kid, but I lost all respect for him. He was not even close to telling a true story." In Blaine, Minn., Pete Carlson, the senior director of operations and programing, has cameras down the hallways and in com- mon areas that are monitored by a front desk employee. They are well worth the investment in helping to curb theft in the locker rooms, another top pet peeve among rink managers. " We have caught a lot of people g oing into locker rooms that shouldn't be there," Carlson recalled. "They take cell phones, ILLUSTRATION BY Melanie Schumacher What Happens Beyond The Boards Can Be Enough To Make A Rink Managers' Blood Boil // By Tom Worgo Fire & Ice Fire & Ice

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