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ILLUSTRATION BY Darren Gygi BEH I N D T HE G L A SS 16 // DECEMBER 2019 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM KRISTINE WING Age: 66 Greene, Maine Kristine Wing never played hockey in an official capacity, but her background as an edu- cator and coach have allowed her to make a significant impact on the sport. Wing has experience coaching a variety of sports, but landed in hockey in 1985. Since then, she's had a pro- lific career serving as the women's director in Maine, coach of the Maine Select Girls' team and, currently, the ADM director for the state. Despite having her days as a bench boss behind her, the Level 5 Master Coach still wanted to give back to her hockey community. "I want to be able to help coaches develop," said Wing, who has been involved with USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program for more than 25 years. Wing encourages coaches to enjoy the game and wants them to make it a learning event every time they're on the ice. "The idea of develop- ment is what I believe in as an educator," she said. "I appreciate what USA Hockey does to look at the skater first. "I knew those earlier ages weren't about drills at all and the clin- ics are giving coaches the resources to help players." COACH OF THE MONTH AS THE MOTHER OF TWO HOCKEY-PLAYING KIDS, I've had no shortage of examples over the years to prove that I'm a hockey parent. From the car that I drive to the meals we eat to how we spent our nights, weekends and holidays, almost every aspect of my life screams "HOCKEY PARENT." But I wanted to open it up to the loyal followers on my Facebook page (My Kids Play Hockey author & USA Hockey Magazine colum- nist) to ask for their examples. Here are a few of my favorites. You have hockey tape in your vehicle, purse and desk drawer because you never know. Jen Berg, Neillsville, Wis. You refer to your child by birth year (02). Stacy Doherty, Honey Brook, Pa. The boot dryer is a centerpiece in your kitchen. Ann Martin Schaefer, LaFayette, N.Y. When you bring your son's hockey bags car shopping to make sure they will fit. Deanna Van Wie, Lake Delta, N.Y. It's 90 degrees outside and you are wearing Uggs, a hoodie and a North Face jacket. Jennifer Snyder Nicastro, Sewell, N.J. You don't notice that horrible smell in your car until you drive a co-worker to lunch. Cory Schwan Brosch, Oswego, N.Y. When you have hockey blankets in your car all summer long. Amy Tinker, Virgil, N.Y. You Know You're A Hockey Parent When … When you know all the kids by their jersey numbers and last names before their first. Marjie Gambill Sullivan, Syracuse, N.Y. Your van smells like stinky hockey equipment all year long. Michael Farnham, Minneapolis You write more checks to hockey related things than your "real bills." Lauren Kochian, Syracuse, N.Y. You're never home on Thanksgiving. Laura Bell, Smithtown, N.Y. There is so much gear/ nets in your garage that no car will fit and you need a path to get out the door. Melissa Davies-Newton, Syracuse, N.Y. It's 95 degrees outside and you're wearing a sweatshirt because of summer hockey. Chris Hig, Pittsburgh You use your fireplace stocking hooks to hang dry equipment. Sam Schleman, Lakewood, Ohio You use your paper towel holder for hockey tape. Becky Larson, Fort Gration, Mich. You know the temperature of all the rinks. Julie Kreb, North Syracuse, N.Y. When you find hockey pucks in your kids' backpacks. Wisconsin Hockey Moms You don't see friends and family on a weekend until April. Peter Bellendi, Fond du Lac, Wis. Every other sport on the planet bores you. Kevin Duy, St. Louis When the Zamboni drivers say hello and knows you on a first name basis. David Markusz, Syracuse, N.Y. When you spend more time in a hotel on week- ends than you do at your own home. Rita Treager, Latrobe, Pa. You get excited in August when the practice schedule comes out. Johnny Sheppard, Scarborough, Maine You're up at 5:30 a.m., in a blizzard to drive two hours both ways for a 45-minute game, and enjoy every minute of it. Shannon Coffin, Homer, N.Y. P THE HOCKEY MOM By Christie Casciano Burns I've had no shortage of examples over the years to prove that I'm a hockey parent.

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