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40 PULLUSA MAGAZINE FALL 2019 To that end, The Wildlife Resto- ration Act of 1937 (Pittman-Rob- ertson A ct) placed an 11% tax on all sporting arms and ammunition. This is paid by the manufacturers to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The FWS then distributes it to the states based on geographic land size and the number of licensed hunters in the state. These funds are used for wildlife programs, habitat restoration, and other outdoor-re- lated projects. Unfortunately, hunter numbers have been dropping nationwide. In most states, baby boomers anchor the largest chunk of license sales, and when THE FIELD INSIGH T ers, anglers, and shooters. Recruiting, retaining, and reactivating hunters, shooters, and other outdoor sports participants is key to maintaining funding for North Dakota's outdoors. A variety of programs, including the National Archery in the Schools Program, fishing education events, s u c h a s H o o k e d o n F i s h i n g a n d Lure 'Em for Life and, most recent- l y, t h e N o r t h D a k ot a S t a t e H i g h School Clay Target League, help us to accomplish these goals. YOUTH PROGRAMS ARE THE KEY TO R3 A s t h e N o r t h D a kot a S t a t e H i g h School Clay Target League continues to grow in size, the Game and Fish Department recognized the value that the League could have in its R3 efforts, and the agency has stepped forward with funding. The Depart- ment offers three types of financial assistance for the League. For new teams, we have a grant program that will provide up to $1,000 to help teams buy equipment, such as shoot- ing vests, eye and ear protection, team shirts, and so on. We also have shoot- ing range grants that are available to gun clubs that support high school teams shooting clays at their estab- lishments, and finally the Game and Fish also partially funds the year-end NDSHSCTL State Tournament. S u c c e s s f u l p r o g r a m s l i k e t h e League are an important piece of the puzzle for introducing young participants to outdoor activities. I would encourag e all adults and state wildlife agencies reading this to consider supporting the League and their athletes. On every team, there is a kid looking for someone to take them hunting. ✪ this generation ages out of the system there will be a tremendous loss in rev- enue. Agency funding is garnered from both the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and excise taxes on the sale of hunting and fishing equipment. Without licenses and Pittman-Rob- ertson funding sources, wildlife man- agement will suffer a serious blow. THE IMPORTANCE OF R3 R3 is an acronym for Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation. R3 is crucial to wildlife agencies across the country, North Dakota included. Fund- ing to manage wildlife and fisheries in our state comes solely from hunt- P laces to hunt and shoot are critical in keeping people active in hunting. As more of our citizens move to larger communities, it is important to provide venues and opportunities for these people to shoot. Doing so keeps them engaged in shooting sports and helps them to be more proficient with their firearms. DID YOU KNOW? North Dakota Game and Fish offers three types of financial assistance to the League. R3 AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LEAGUE by MARTY EGELAND "Recruiting, retaining, and reactivating hunters, shooters, and other outdoor sports participants is key to maintaining f unding for North Dakota's outdoors." —MARTY EGELAND

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