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JA S O N K E LV I E / U S A H S C T L C OAC H ED U C AT I O N A N D S U P P O R T M A N AG ER 32 PULLUSA MAGAZINE FALL 2019 THE FIELD C OAC H K ELV IE'S C ORNER REDUCING RECOIL sk any experienced shooter about their first memory shooting a shotgun and most will tell you a story that involves recoil. The backward movement of the shotgun when shooting has surprised nearly everyone their first time, and many have amusing stories to share about their first experience. Let's take a few minutes to better understand recoil and ways we can minimize its impact on how we break the targets! WHAT IS RECOIL? Nothing can escape Newton's Third Law—for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Recoil is just that—the force of shooting the pellets of a shotgun shell out towards the target creates an equal force in the opposite direction. A USING REGUL AR AND LIGHT TARGET LOADS RATHER THAN HEAV Y TARGET LOADS (MORE GUNPOWDER) IS THE EASIEST WAY TO REDUCE RECOIL. TIPS MITIGATE KICK TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE by JASON KELVIE illustrations by TOM RICHMOND

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