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PullUSA: When did you first learn to shoot? Who got you into it? Monica Reed: My dad taught me to shoot in the backyard with a small variety of firearms we had. I did enjoy shooting but never thought about it seriously. My mom, however, would always say I should join a competitive shooting club, and being a stubborn 10-year-old, I was convinced I wouldn't like it. Obviously, I was wrong. PullUSA: What's it like competing at the State Tournament and National Championship? Reed: Being sur- rounded by such incredible talent at any large tournament is such a humbling experience. To be considered one of the great athletes is an even bigger honor. When I started shooting, I certainly had no idea I would be a three-time State Champion or attend the National Cham- pionship twice. When I went to Michigan this year, I certainly did not think I was going to shoot a 100-straight. To see a leaderboard with names and scores is one thing, but then to see your name and that triple-digit score is amazing. It is a great reward for all the hard work and practice. PullUSA: When did you get the idea to start Once Fired Jewelry? Reed: Ever since I was little, my dad saved his empty shell casings. We never did anything with them so they piled up in boxes until I decided I wanted to do some- thing with them. With a lot of experi- menting I came up with a design and it grew from there. I've been making and selling the jewelry for five years now and attend various farmers markets, craft fairs and juried events, in addition to selling online. Each issue of PullUSA features a different high school clay target athlete exhibiting exceptional character and passion for the sport and their communities. ✪ AS A HOMESCHOOLER, MONICA REED was never able to participate in high school sports like the other students. That all changed in 2016 with the creation of the more inclusive Carthage High School trap team in upstate New York. "I was very reluctant, but my mom insisted I should try it out," said Reed, who also started her own business, Once Fired Jewelry, making and selling handmade ammu- nition jewelry. "I went onto the field with my 870 12-gauge and shot the best score on the squad. I was hooked and never looked back." 12 PULLUSA MAGAZINE FALL 2019 THE LEAD ON T HE L INE 18 2016 Jr. Varsity Female High Gun, 2017 Overall Female High Average, 2019 NY State Tournament Varsity Female High Gun, 100 Straight at 2019 National Championship AG E FU N FAC T S MONICA REED ❚❙❘ CARTHAGE H.S. | CARTHAGE, NY ❘❙❚ MONICA AT TENDS SEVER AL SHOWS WITH HER NIGERIAN DWARF DAIRY GOATS.

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