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September 2019

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Tournaments can be one of the more ex- citing parts of youth sports. In e ect, they are a season within a sea- son. The physical and mental toll of tour- nament play cannot be underestimated. With tools such as The Hockey IntelliGym, players are more prepared than ever. Fatigue from the compressed tourna- ment schedule has both a physical and psychological component. Some e ects of fatigue include heavy legs, inability to read opportunities and lower on-ice spa- tial awareness. As a result, coaches and players at times tend to only train for the physical rigors of a tournament. And while building strength and anaerobic capacity is critical, only focusing on these elements can leave a team at a disadvantage. The Hockey IntelliGym prepares teams for tournament play in a powerful way. Origi- nally designed to train fi ghter pilots, this software program helps athletes improve their hockey sense - including awareness, anticipation, decision making, concentra- tion, and execution - which in turn im- proves the chances of preforming in key situation. This has become an important tool when it comes to facing o against tough competition. Spatial awareness and quick decisions lead to higher team performance. This can be critical during a compressed playing schedule. Players gain an edge when they preserve their mental capacity and can exploit time and space against fatigued opponents. The edge provided by The Hockey IntelliGym can be the di erence between winning and losing. Thousands of players at all levels have utilized The Hockey IntelliGym to gain a leg up on the competition. USA Hockey's National Team Development Program has utilized the software since 2009 resulting in an unprecedented run in international play. Learn more about The Hockey IntelliGym at Think faster. Play better The Hockey IntelliGym By Jackson Wightman

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