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32 PULLUSA MAGAZINE SPRING 2019 THE FIELD C OAC H K ELV IE'S C ORNER SETTING YOUR SIGHT TO SUCCESS! or decades I have been taught that you can't hit what you can't see. Little did I know how true this was until I started my path in clay target shooting sports. Often times we take for granted our vision and just how vital it is to our everyday lives. Participation in shooting sports takes our eyes to a whole new level by requiring us to focus intently on a small colored disc being thrown away from us at increasing speeds and angles. In this article we will explore the various aspects of safety glasses and how they influence not only our ability to protect our eyes but also how they can potentially help us break more targets! F JA S O N K E LV I E / U S A H S C T L C OAC H ED U C AT I O N A N D S U P P O R T M A N AG ER C H O O S E G L A S S ES T H AT D O N OT D I S T R AC T O R I M P ED E YO U R V I S I O N . T H E Y S H O U L D F I T YO U R FAC E A N D N OT L E AV E G A P S O R O P EN I N G S T H AT C O U L D A L LOW D EB R I S TO EN T ER YO U R E Y ES . TIPS HOW SAFETY GLASSES PROTECT AND ENHANCE YOUR VISION by JASON KELVIE illustrations by TOM RICHMOND

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