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1. D. All of these are differences between the two sports. 2. A. True. There are two trap houses, one house launches targets from 10 feet above the ground ("high" house) and the other launches it from three feet above ground ("low" house). 3. B. False. Scopes are not allowed for trap or skeet shooting. 4. Movement and Stance 5. C. A n athlete that has a shotg un malf unction must immediately raise their hand and call for a cease fire, so that the Range Safet y Officer can assist. 6. D. Athletes must shoot at any legal target. Repeatedly ref using to shoot at a legal target w ill result in targets being marked as a loss. 7. True. For safet y, all athletes must wear proper protective equipment at all times, whenever they are on the firing line. 8. D. All of the above. 'No Bird' is called if any of the listed situations occur. 34 PULLUSA MAGAZINE WINTER 2019 THE FIELD HO T SHO T QUIZ CIRCLE ONE ANSWER HOTSH T QUIZ ANSWERS: HOW IS SKEET SHOOTING DIFFERENT THAN TRAP SHOOTING? A. Skeet shooters shoot different numbers of targets depending on which post they are on. B. Targets are thrown from two trap houses in skeet. C. Skeet shooting has 8 posts to shoot from, while trap has 5. D. All of the above. TRUE OR FALSE: SKEET SHOOTING INVOLVES SHOOTING AT TARGETS BEING THROWN FROM AN ELEVATED PLATFORM. A. True B. False TRUE OR FALSE: MOST TRAP AND SKEET SHOOTERS PREFER TO ADD A SCOPE TO THEIR SHOTGUN TO ENHANCE VISUAL ACUIT Y? A. True B. False WHAT ARE THE TWO FUNDAMENTALS OF SKEET SHOOTING? (CIRCLE TWO ANSWERS) A. Movement B. Quick feet C. Stance D. Night vision WHAT IS THE FIRST THING AN ATHLETE SHOULD DO WHEN THEY REALIZE THEY HAVE A SHOTGUN MALFUNCTION? A. Open the action. B. Pull the trigger again. C. Raise hand and call for a cease fire. D. Turn the safety on and off. WHEN IS IT ALLOWED TO REFUSE A TARGET? A. Anytime the athlete feels like it. B. When the athlete gets distracted. C. If another athlete is doing it. D. When a target is thrown outside the legal boundaries. TRUE OR FALSE: ALL ATHLETES ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR PROPER EYE AND HEARING PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES ON THE FIRING LINE. A. True B. False WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN THE SCORER CALLS 'NO BIRD'? A. A shooter shoots out of turn. B. A broken or irregular target emerges from the trap house. C. A target has been thrown before the shooter's call. D. All of the above. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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