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44 // FEBRUARY 2019 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM Tampa, Fla. R I N K RAT U.S. National Sled Team Q U I C K H I T S k Princeton University C O L L E G E P O S I T I O N 6-0 135 lbs Forward Birthday: November 5, 1997 H O M E T O W N Declan Farmer PLAYER PROFILE FAV O R I T E S L E D H O C K E Y M E M O R Y N O . 16 "The gold-medal game from this past Paralympics in PyeongChang, winning in overtime against Canada." F U N FA C T : Declan's 134 career points are the most in U.S. National Sled Team history . O N E P E R S O N Y O U ' D L I K E T O M E E T : Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Follow Declan Farmer at @6DFarmer @Dec1an_Farmer PHOTOS BY Getty Images; Bigstock Current Team: Tampa Bay Lightning Sled Hockey Nickname: Dexter Favorite TV Show: The Office or Game of Thrones Favorite Off-Season Activities: I'm really into fantasy football and hanging with my high school friends over the summer. Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Pre-Game Meal: I like pasta, some tomato sauce and a salad. I like Italian food a lot, so I usually have that before games if I can. Favorite Music Genre: I like alter- native, but also whatever is playing in the locker room. Favorite Hockey Team: Tampa Bay Lightning Role Model: When I started getting into sled hockey it was guys on the National Team that were really good like Steve Cash and Josh Pauls, and of course my parents. What Inspired You To Play Sled Hockey: I started playing when I was 8. My parents were looking for an adaptive sport for me to be com- petitive in, and they got me into sled hockey. After a few years of casual play, I picked it up and wanted to see how far I could take it. What You'd Like To Improve On This Season: This year I've been trying to get more explosive with the puck. In this game, it's so difficult to even skate with the puck because you have to do everything with your hands. Even just coming to a dead stop with the puck, coming out of the corner, performing little explosive moves. I think perfecting that craft is something I'm working on this year. Three Things You Love Most About Sled Hockey: The camara- derie—hanging out with the team is a blast and traveling with them; the compete level—sled hockey is such a competitive game; and the speed of the game. It's a great time out there.

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