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10 // FEBRUARY 2019 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM COACH OF THE MONTH R I N K RAT BEH I N D T HE G L A SS Cell Service Can Be No Service When It Comes To Watching A Game ILLUSTRATION BY Darren Gygi SHAWN BODIE Age: 44 Saugerties, N.Y. After going through a tough time in high school, hockey was Shawn Bodie's saving grace. He believes without the sport, he wouldn't be here today. Now, Bodie coaches a Saugerties 12 & Under team, as well as working with troubled youth who have dropped out of high school, motivating them to get their degree. "Hockey helped me immensely," said Bodie, a Level 4 coach. "I've tried to share my pas- sion for the game with everyone I've coached." Now in his 22nd year of coaching, he con- tinues to give back to the game. It's his efforts along with the hard work of countless volunteers that helped the small town earn a top 10 finish in last year's Kraft Hockeyville voting. To play a big role inspires Bodie to help expose the game fur- ther to the community. "I go up to the parents at the learn to play events and tell them to get their cameras out because this is their second chance to see their kids' first step," he said. "It's going to be a long process, but they're going to love this game when they're done." THE HOCKEY MOM By Christie Casciano Burns A N Y O N E W H O H A S E V E R PICKED UP A STICK is probably familiar with The Great One's proc- lamation that, "You miss 100 per- cent of the shots you don't take." Hockey savant though he may be, Wayne Gretzky didn't utter that line in the age of smartphones and iPads. Were one to update those words, he or she might have to append it with "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take … because you were staring down at your screen." West Seneca, N.Y., hockey dad James Colby is one of too many par- ents who have fallen victim to the digital days of our lives, and check- ing his phone from the stands. "Sadly, I did this last week," he admitted. "I wanted to take a video of my [child] playing. Then during a shift change, I went on social media and missed his next shift when he scored a goal. Never again. Phone goes away from here on out." While there may be legitimate reasons to use that smartphone in the stands, there unfortunately are others who are putting phones ahead of their kids, ignoring what's happening on the ice in favor of their mobile device. C o l l e g e h o c k e y m o m D e b b i e Amato, from DeLand, Fla., has never missed watching her son in the net. She has a message for digitally dis- tracted dads and moms. " Wake up moms and dads," she s a i d . " C h e r i s h e v e r y m o m e n t . Before you know, they will be gone." O u r p h o n e d e p e n d e n c e m a y indeed be a symptom of our busy lives, but there's no reason not to be smart about our smartphones, and create some healthy cellular boundaries in our children's arenas. I remember one game where my daughter, Sophia, asked me to get my phone ready because she was going to help a teammate finally score her first goal of the season. I positioned myself right behind the net, and sure enough, there it was. My cellphone camera was roll- ing, and caught that sweet tape-to- tape pass to her younger teammate. And then came the "celly." Big and beautiful. More precious than I could have imagined. As I choked back the tears and looked up in the stands—hoping to catch the eyes of the younger team- mate's mom— our eyes never met. Hers were glued to her phone. About 10 minutes later, I felt a tap on the shoulder and a horrified look on the face of the mom, "O -M- G. Did you get it?!?" While she may have missed that shot, I scored with my camera shot— at least in this instance. Going forward, that mom left her phone in her pocket during games and saw 100 percent of the goals the rest of the season. P ...there's no reason not to be smart about our Smartphones, and create some healthy cellular boundaries in our children's arenas.

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