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1 . H O C K E Y C O A C H V I S I O N Create all of your drills and tactics in animated 2D/3D. Watch your X's and O's come to life, accelerating your player's learning curve and maximizing their on-ice performance. Share your animated practices with your team on their free Player app. Include video, create practice PDFs and much more. H O C K E Y C O A C H V I S I O N . C O M 2 . H O C K E Y T R A C K E R Track and analyze every aspect of your hockey. Start HockeyTracker before a game and track your favorite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data such as speed, distance skated, calories, heart rate recovery, VO2 max and much more. HockeyTracker also uses a custom algorithm for automatic shift detection. H O C K E Y T R A C K E R A P P . C O M 3 . I N T E L L I G Y M The official hockey sense training tool of USA Hockey's National Team Development Program, is available for all youth players who dream to play at a higher level. This software based training tool can be used at home on any Mac or PC computer. Enhance your hockey I.Q. today at U S A H O C K E Y I N T E L L I G Y M . C O M 4 . P O L A R T E A M P R O Coming together is the beginning, working together leads to success. Polar Team Pro will serve as your team's ultimate training partner to ensure success among your players. It is the perfect full performance training solution that measures all the data you'll ever need as a coach to get the best out of your team with utmost precision. P O L A R . C O M 5 . R A P I D S H O T RapidShot is the ultimate training tool for hockey players to improve the accuracy, speed and release of their shot. Often referred to as "The batting cage for hockey," RapidShot has an automated puck passing and conveyor system with an integrated database that allows players to track their performance via apps and online. R A P I D S H O T . C O M 6 . XO S The line between winning and losing is razor thin, and one decision can make all the difference. In a game where the best prepared team wins, XOS provides the tools that allow coaches and players to be ready on game day. X O S D I G I T A L . C O M 34 // SEPTEMBER 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM Now more than ever, the latest technology can help you elevate your game. Ready yourself for the upcoming season with the help of these apps, websites and platforms. 1 3 4 5 6 2018 2

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