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B ET W E E N T H E P I P ES "51 in 30" is the battle cry behind the new USA Hockey goaltending initiative with the goal of having 51 percent of NHL and National Women's Hockey League goaltenders be American born by 2030. 51 IN 30 GOALIE PROFILES k At 6-foot-5, Colin Purcell already stands out on and off the ice. But it was his play between the pipes at the Boys Select 16 Player Development Camp that caught the eye of the coaching staff and earned him a spot with the U.S. Under-17 Select Team that recently competed at the Five Nations tournament in Piestany, Slovakia. Purcell stopped 79 of the 86 shots and reg- istered a 2.80 goals-against average against some of the top 16-year-old talent in the country. Last year he led the Cleveland Barons to the USA Hockey 15 Only National Championship tournament. COLIN PURCELL Shaker Heights, Ohio 18 // SEPTEMBER 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM PHOTOS BY Danielle Swint; Harry Thompson U.S. UNDER-16 SELECT TEAM OBJECTIVE: Develop the goaltenders ability to make passes and decisions with backside pressure. KEY ELEMENTS: Maintain back to the circle. Replicate handling the puck behind the net. Coach is the 'monkey in the middle. No required passing pattern. ORGANIZATION: Goalies set up in a square, with their backs to the middle. One goalie starts with the puck. The coach is trying to get the puck. VARIATIONS: Add a second coach or player in the middle. REMEMBER: Use your body to protect the puck. Read the pressure from the coach. Make good flat passes to your goalie partner. Logatron Passing GOALIE DRILL OF THE MONTH USA Hockey is committed to player development and our goalies are players, too. We want to make sure each goalie is given a world-leading experience every time they hit the ice. As your season starts remember a few key things: 1. DRAW CREASES for your goalies. Positioning is very important, and well-run practices have nets being moved on a regular basis. 2. BUILD FOR SUCCESS, without giving answers: Provide an environment for your goalies to be suc- cessful by having them make 15- 20 fundamental saves at the start of every practice. Goalies should also track every rebound and be set for every shot. Give the shooter parameters of where to shoot, but let the goalie just make saves … (Figure out the answers). If you want a progression add a pre-shot movement. 3. 60 SECONDS OR LESS: Explain your drill to the goalies in less than a minute. Let them try, let them see and let them feel the results. This will help them learn. If they do it well, reinforce the positive. If they have an area to improve on, they will understand on a deeper level if they fail a couple times before you help them address the problem. 4. SMALL AREA GAMES ARE FOR GOALIES. (They are for everyone actually) Make sure that when a goalie covers the puck in a small area game, their team is rewarded with clean possession. Do not simply yell PLAY IT, PLAY IT. Add the goalie key points during small area game explanation. These games are real reps that develop hockey sense for the goalies, make sure they embrace it and enjoy it. GETTING THE SEASON OFF TO THE RIGHT START By Phil Osaer It's important to provide an environment where your goaltenders can be successful.

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