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24 // AUGUST 2018 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM having two boys that close and that built in friendship that they both have the same goals in life." C o m i n g u p t h e h o c k e y pipeline, the brothers played together growing up, including with Team Wisconsin. When Brock was a junior and Cole a freshman at Stevens Point Area High School in 2015-16, the two tore up Wisconsin high school hockey. But that was the final season they played together. Brock recently wrapped up his second season with the USHL's Green Bay Gamblers putting up 18 goals and 22 assists. Meanwhile, Cole was in his first year splitting time with the U.S. National Under-17 and Under-18 teams in Plymouth, Mich., where he lit up the scoreboard with 54 goals and 26 assists. The brothers know they wouldn't have nearly as much success on the ice if it wasn't for each other. "I don't thin k I'd be where I'm at today without my dad and brother," said Cole, who will join Brock at Wisconsin for the 2019-20 season. "They 've helped me a l l the way up a nd just their k nowledge and knowing what to do and how to push me t o b e who I a m today. It 's awesome to see how those two have shaped me as a person, as a player." "I definitely wouldn't be the same without him, because he's a workout part- ner," Brock added. "It's almost bet- ter because you have someone to compete against. If he does this, I want to do that. It goes back and forth." The brothers faced off against one another four times la st sea son, w ith Cole holding t he upp er h a nd w it h fou r goa l s a nd t wo assists as the U.S. National teams went 4-0 against the Gamblers. But Brock had the last laugh during their final meeting on March 2 in Green Bay, Wis., when he scored a pow- er-play goal while his brother was sitting in the penalty box. "He was chirping at me on the bench about it," Brock said. "'It took a penalty for you just to score.' It was cool." Way ne a nd h i s w i fe, Ei leen , loved w it- nessing the light-hearted moment between their grandsons. "I was sitting up in the stands with Paul and Kelly, so when that happened we just all broke out laughing," Wayne said. "We knew the boys had something to say to one another after that." That special on-ice moment between the brothers said it all. Hockey is more than just a game: it's about friendship and family. Having the "Caufield" name on the back of their jer- sey is what matters for Cole and Brock as they embark on a journey that will hopefully take them farther than either the grandfather or dad reached during their illustrious careers. "Everybody knows the team comes first," Brock said. "But it's special to know what's on the back and know that you're representing your grandpa, your dad and your whole family." P Greg Bates is a national freelance writer based out of Green Bay, Wis. PHOTOS BY Credit Here "EVERYBODY KNOWS THE TEAM COMES FIRST, BUT IT'S SPECIAL TO KNOW WHAT'S ON THE BACK AND KNOW THAT YOU'RE REPRESENTING YOUR GRANDPA, YOUR DAD AND YOUR WHOLE FAMILY." B R O C K C A U F I E L D "MY DAD GAVE US THE PASSION AND THE LOVE OF THE GAME AND IT TRICKLED DOWN." P A U L C A U F I E L D PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE CAUFIELD FAMILY

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